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Want to sell ringtones like us? You are at the right place.

We initially started selling ringtones through a very friendly and supportive distribution company SnipSell and it's been 2 years already and we still love the way SnipSell treats its artists. Based in Hamburg, Germany, SnipSell provides an amazing and user-friendly dashboard to upload ringtones and see the progress of each and every ringtone with the help of colorful and interactive charts. Where other distributors distribute your ringtones after receiving the payment, SnipSell gives an opportunity to independent artists to distribute their ringtones for free on a 50% revenue sharing basis and timely monthly payouts. However, if you want to get 80% or 90% of the revenue generated by your ringtones, then you have the choice to upgrade to an Independent or Reseller deal for every ringtone. SnipSell also provides fast and friendly customer support where they are always keen to help their artists.

SnipSell also helps in promoting budding artists by listing their ringtones on their very own and amazing ringtones platform called Tuunes where you can get amazing ringtones for iPhone or Android phones at a very nominal cost. Browse the Tuunes store for more amazing ringtones here -

If you want to give your content in right hands and want to make it big in the ringtones industry, then Signup for your brand new SnipSell dashboard today.



I, Prateek, the CEO of Marimba Remix Tones, highly recommend independent artists to go for SnipSell over any other distribution company.

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