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Blinding Lights (Marimba Remix Ringtone)
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Blinding Lights (Marimba Remix) | Ringtone for iPhone

Blinding Lights by The Weeknd, is an amazing song from his album "Blinding Lights' that stayed among the Top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the whole year 2020 and is still there in 2021 as a re-entry as of January. We created The Weeknd Blinding Lights (Marimba Remix) Ringtone for iPhones last year and received a lot of love till now both on Apple's iTunes Store and on our website We have created this ringtone by mixing iPhone's default marimba ringtone "Opening" with the song "Blinding Lights" so that your iPhone rings like any other iPhone initially but then suddenly merges into the song right after the first ring which surprises people around you.

After our most loved ringtone Shape of You (Marimba Remix), Blinding Lights Ringtone also received a lot of love and positive response as compared to all other ringtone tones.

Note: Blinding light song is popularly known as " Blinding by the lights " which is actually " Blinded by the lights " if you read the lyrics of this song.

All our ringtones are created using Logic Pro X on iMac and we use virtual instruments and mastering techniques to make the ringtone sound perfect and clear when you set our ringtone as your iPhone's ringing tone.

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